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piri thomas about children

i’ve just found that poem doing research for my thesis.
man, that left me speachless thinkin about my own behaviour …

Piri Thomas – Sermon from the Ghettos

I speak for myself
as my mind rushes back into time
when I held in my hands
a beauty that was truly mine.

I was a child
running through dark ghetto streets
letting the sea of hatred and bigotry
wash over me.
I was too young to know.
But Momma filled my eyes
with the wondrous city,
where there was pity,
and all its pearly gates.
And oh, yeah, all the beautiful wisdoms
that flow from up there.

Hey, world, sit not in churches
and bend your knees in prayer.
And mouth not the words of Christ
of peace on earth and goodwill to all
if you know in your hearts that
you are truly lying, lying.
Oh, America, hey, world!
Do not spread a table with good food and comfort,
such as never seen by the children of your fellow human-beings,

Don’t buy toys for your children bought at the price
of other children sacrificed,
Build not your golden gardens
on the blood of children crucified,
Oh America, hey world,
For while you are smiling and living well,
black children, brown children, red children,
yellow children, white children, multi-colored children,
children, children, children,
because of your hypocrisy,
because of greed
are dying, physically,
mentally, spiritually,
and secretly in broad daylight,
broad daylight.

A child out of twilight
Flying towards sunlight.
Born anew at each A.M.
Like a child out of twilight
Flying towards sunlight
Born anew at each A.M.

here you can download it or just listen to piri reading his poem

cocinando en el aire – sendin beatwaves thru the web

la clave sound geht on air (web).

Am donnerstag habe ich mit tatkräftiger unterstützung von mario al dente die erste sendung „cocinando con clave“ aufgezeichnet.

ich war ehrlich gesagt ziemlich aufgeregt, und etwas übermüdet. da mich 1. die sendung lang wach gehalten hat, und 2. meine wundervolle tochter mich morgens früh auf trab gebracht hat.

jetzt ist sie „eingetütet“ wie mario es schön formuliert hat und muss nur noch gemastert werden.

hier die playlist zur sendung:

Mongo Santamaria – Sofrito (Sofrito, Vaya, 1976)

Jimmy Sabater con Son Boricua – Salchicha con Huevo (Mo, Cobo, 2002)

Ruben Blades – Juan Pachanga (Bohemio y Poeta, Fania, 1979)

Hector Lavoe – Bandolera (Comedia, Fania,1978)

Conexion Latina – Calorcito (Calorcito, Enja 1984)

Alegre All Stars – Guajira en F (Lo mejor, Alegre, 1962)

Joe Cuba Sextett – La palomilla (Bailadores, Tico, 1965)

New Swing Sextet – My favourite things (Swinging along, Cotique, 1970)

Freddy y sus Afrolatinos – Maltrato (Panama! Latin, Funk and Calypso on the Isthmus 1965-75, Soundway)

Charie Palmieri – Al vaiven de mi carreta (Electro duro, Coco, 1974)

Grupo Latin Vibe – La llave (All that vibe, Latin Vibe, 2005)

DLI – La la la (DLI 2, DLI Music, 2005)

Susie Hansen – La Salsa nunca acaba (The Salsa never ends, Jazz caliente, 2002)

Joe Arroyo – Rebelión (Me fugue a la candela, Discos Fuentes, 1986)

Gedicht: Miguel Piñero – The Book of Genesis According to St. Miguelito (Algarín, Miguel, Holman, Bob, Aloud: Voices from the Nuyorican Poets Café, Henry Holt New York, 1994)

The Book of Genesis According to St. Miguelito

by Miguel Pinero

Before the beginning

God created God

In the beginning

God created the ghettos & slums

and God saw this was good.

So God said,

„Let there be more ghettos & slums“

and there were more ghettos & slums.

But God saw this was plain


to decorate it

God created leadbase paint and then

God commanded the rivers of garbage & filth

to flow gracefully through the ghettos.

On the third day

because on the second day God was out of town

On the third day

God’s nose was running

& his jones was coming down and God

in his all knowing wisdom

knew he was sick

he needed a fix

so God

created the backyards of the ghettos

& the alleys of the slums

in heroin & cocaine


with his divine wisdom & grace

God created hepatitis

who begat lockjaw

who begat malaria

who begat degradation

who begat


and God knew this was good

in fact God knew things couldn’t git better

but he decided to try anyway

On the fourth day

God was riding around Harlem in a gypsy cab

when he created the people

and he created these beings in ethnic proportion

but he saw the people lonely & hungry

and from his eminent rectum

he created a companion for these people

and he called this companion


who begat racism

who begat exploitation

who begat male chauvinism

who begat machismo

who begat imperialism

who begat colonialism

who begat wall street

who begat foreign wars

and God knew

and God saw

and God felt this was extra good

and God said


On the fifth day

the people kneeled

the people prayed

the people begged

and this manifested itself in a petition

a letter to the editor

to know why? WHY? WHY? qué pasa babyyyyy?????

and God said,

„My fellow subjects

let me make one thing perfectly clear

by saying this about that:

NO . . .. . .. . ..COMMENT!“

but on the sixth day God spoke to the people

he said . . . „PEOPLE!!!

the ghettos & the slums

& all the other great things I’ve created

will have dominion over thee

and then

he commanded the ghettos & slums

and all the other great things he created

to multiply

and they multiplied

On the seventh day God was tired

so he called in sick

collected his overtime pay

a paid vacation included

But before God got on that t. w. a.

for the sunny beaches of Puerto Rico

He noticed his main man Satan

planting the learning trees of consciousness

around his ghetto edens

so God called a news conference

on a state of the heavens address

on a coast to coast national t. v. hook up

and God told the people

to be


and the people were cool

and the people kept cool

and the people are cool

and the people stay cool

and God said

Vaya . .…

Frankie Dante y su Orquests Flamboyan – Ciencia politica (Los salseros de acero, Cotique, 1976)

Album der Show:

Cheo Feliciano – Cheo (Vaya, 1976)

Track 1 – Anacaona

Track 9 – Medianoche y sol

The Cesta All Stars – Delirio (The Cesta All Stars Salsa Festival Vol. 2, Coco, 1974)

Willie Bobo and the Bo Gents – How can I say goodbye (Do what you wan’t to do, Sussex, 1971)

Mongo Santamaria – Afrocuban Fantasy (Red hot, Columbia, 1979)

die sendung läuft ab heute jeden dritten montag um 21:00 uhr auf –>

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la clave beim Weltempfänger auf KölnCampus – Sonntag 25.05.08

am gestrigen sonntag war ich ab 18:00 uhr bei der worldmusic sendung weltempfänger zu gast.

thema der sendung war: „vom mambo zum boogalú und back“

das konzept war, einen kultur- und soziohistorischen überblick von der entstehung des mambo in den 40er jahren in havana, über den new yorker latin boogaloo bis zum heutigen mamborevival zu geben.

ich hatte das gefühl das uns dies in der sendung auch gelungen ist, bzw. wir (ich in kombination mit dem gastgeber nikolaus) die prozesse relativ umfassend beleuchten konnten.

und hier die sendung zum anhören via winamp o.ä.:

hier die sendungsbeschreibung von kö

Sonntag, 25.05.2008 18:00 Uhr, Weltempfänger
from Mambo to Boogalú and back
Mambo! – Poa!

Was haben die Mafiakönige von Havana der 1930er mit dem Mambo zu tun? Was heißt Mambo überhaupt? Wo kommt das Wort her? Ist Mambo und Salsa das gleiche? Welche Rolle spielen New York und Paris bei der Entwicklung des Mambo? Warum hat gerade ein Deutscher den letzten großen Mambohit in den Charts gelandet? What the hell is Boogalú?

Die Antworten gibt es im Weltempfänger!

Moderation: Nikolaus Sigrist
zu Gast: Gabriel Riquelme
und Emily Thomey

01 cachao – descarga cubana(descarga havana-sessions/yemaya rec)
02 valdez, miguelito-blenblenblen(mr.babalu/tumbao)
03 chano – tintindeo
04 los nani – la gitana
05 prado, perez – mambo latino(king of mambo/zyx)
06 puente, tito – oye mi guaguanco(salsa legend/import)
07 rodriguez, tito – avisale a mi contrario(lo mejor´/emi)
08 joe cuba – do you feel it(bustin out/import)
09 joe cuba – el pito(lo mejor de joe cuba/import)
10 lavoe, hector – esto se baile asi(deja vu/fania)
11 bataan, joe – subway joe(subway joe/magaophone import)
12 gorbea, wayne – saboreando(saboreando salsa dura con br/shanachie)
13 senor coconut – moskow diskow(around the world/pias)
14 senor coconut – around the world(around the world/pias)
15 senor coconut – que rico el mambo(around the world/pias)
16 direct latin influence – lalala(dli2/import)